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A writer of things, health enthusiast, minimalist(ish), and immortalist. IG: @derek.mulch

Practical tips for healthy telomeres.

healthy telomeres
healthy telomeres

Telomeres are the endcaps of human chromosomes that protect the ends of DNA strands from shortening and fraying.

Science shows telomeres play a vital role in the aging process, so the premature shortening of your telomeres is something you want to prevent — short telomeres are associated with many aging diseases.

So how can you lengthen or maintain healthy telomeres?

Well, there is this enzyme called telomerase that can slow, stop, or potentially reverse telomere shortening as we age.

The thing is, you can’t take a telomerase supplement. Yet.

But you could do telomerase gene therapy with BioViva, a biotech…

All weight-loss diets work the same way: a calorie deficit.

Yes, even Keto.

Calories always count, but you don’t have to count them.

Here are some habits that’ll help you lose weight without counting calories.

1. Eat around similar times.

Change is good, but your body prefers homeostasis.

Your body doesn’t want to skip meals, doesn’t want to eat less, and doesn’t want to lose fat. It wants to stay the same, holding onto those energy-dense fat stores for future famine.

Most dieters hop from one diet to the next without taking inventory of their current dietary habits. (I used to do this too.)


Important life lessons learned from a decade of discovery.

Ten years ago, I was scared, entitled, overconfident, and twenty-one.

It turns out it’s true: Life is a never-ending roller coaster.

Sometimes you coast up the lift hill slowly making progress, only to drop into loops, corkscrews, and bow-ties.

And when you think the ride is over, another begins.

For all the “grown-up” advice dished out, some things they couldn’t have prepared you for.

1. Ditch the plastic, learn to budget.

By 28, I’d acquired nearly $30,000 in credit card debt. It. Sucked.

They didn’t teach budgeting in school, and my parents didn’t teach me either — they taught me how to spend.

In 2020, Bankrate did a financial survey revealing that only four in 10 U.S…

You’re the one that takes the hit.

Not every personal trainer is passionate about health & fitness.

They may know how to take care of themselves and show people a few exercises, but that’s the extent of their interest. They don’t keep up with new research or modalities that could help their clients.

And if your goal is to build muscle and lose fat (like most people), this has some serious consequences for you. So here’s what to look out for.

1. They’re stuck using out-of-date methods they learned long ago.

And it’s not getting you results.

Squats (with pink dumbbells) on a BOSU ball are one of the completely useless exercises in their repertoire. But it’s…

Tools I use myself to stay in great shape (still) working from home.

Working from home can be a dream or a nightmare.

For many, it means no commute, no office shenanigans, and no pants — if you don’t want to. But for others, it's synonymous with a child’s in-house playground, dogs suffering from separation anxiety, and less than an ideal workspace. It can also present a tough environment to navigate your fitness goals, but it’s not impossible.

You just need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

1. Make a plan.

Many people want to lose fat and get in shape, but they forget about the how part of the equation.


More Cruella, please.

I’m a staunch fan of Disney’s 1961 classic, 101 Dalmatians.

My sisters and I quote the movie (among other Disney classics) to this day like it’s our own language. So you can imagine when I saw this trailer months ago, my first impression was apprehension.

I must say, this was a pleasant surprise.

Side note: Spoiler alerts. You’ve been warned.

Disney prequels are dismal at best.

I barely made it through the first Maleficent and turned off the second.

I could be biased. Maleficent is a wretched character in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and she had the music score to match.

Frankly, I didn’t want to see…

Less is more. And in more ways than one.

You wouldn’t expect wearing the same outfit every day to come with perks, but it does.

What started as an experiment for a recovering shopaholic reshaped my entire lifestyle. I intended to be more conscious about my clothing consumption, but I morphed into a conscious consumer in more ways than one. You can never predict the consequence of your actions.

It turns out sometimes less is more.

1. You reevaluate how you manage money.

My finances completely changed after I found my new uniform: a fitted grey t-shirt and black jeans.

I bought so much clothing, and I convinced my partner Hana to transform the master bedroom…

Practical tips from a fellow busy professional

Most health and fitness advice for busy professionals sucks.

Some fitness professionals and enthusiasts are so passionate about fitness they forget you’re not interested in maximizing protein synthesis rates, using autoregulation, or increasing your VO2max. You just want to build some muscle, lose some fat, and look good naked. And to do that, you don’t need to live in the gym or worry about getting your post-workout shake exactly 5-minutes after your workout.

From one busy professional to another, here are some tips that actually helped me get into shape and stay in shape for the last three years. …

It’s a long winding road, but it could wind less.

Being new to health and fitness is difficult.

I know how it feels — overwhelming. My journey started when I was 18. I’ve had my fair share of peaks and valleys, mountain climbing, and treading water. But, I’ve also had accomplishments to relish.

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Some influential people have written words for journeys like this.

Here are some of my favorites.

Is it really a matter of don’t eat this, don’t eat that?

Fat makes you fat?

The 90s’ believed

I can’t believe it’s not butter

A decade deceived

Fruit makes you fat?

No, that doesn’t seem right

Have you heard of someone binging on apples all night?

Sugar makes you fat?

Suppose this were true

We could solve world hunger

Quick! A spoonful of sugar or two

Carbs make you fat?

A claim to put faith?

Japan’s obesity rate

Is to ours but an eighth

Processed food makes you fat?

No, not quite

But they’re easy to overeat

They’re a tasty delight

Then what makes you fat?

And is it as simple as don’t eat this, don’t eat that?

Maybe it’s a matter of many things

That boils down to pulling a scientific string

Energy balance

Calories in vs. calories out

A scientific principle

Proven beyond a…

Derek Mulch

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