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All weight-loss diets work the same way: a calorie deficit.

Yes, even Keto.

Calories always count, but you don’t have to count them.

Here are some habits that’ll help you lose weight without counting calories.

1. Eat around similar times.

Change is good, but your body prefers homeostasis.

Your body doesn’t want to skip meals…

Important life lessons learned from a decade of discovery.

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Ten years ago, I was scared, entitled, overconfident, and twenty-one.

It turns out it’s true: Life is a never-ending roller coaster.

Sometimes you coast up the lift hill slowly making progress, only to drop into loops, corkscrews, and bow-ties.

And when you think the ride is over, another begins.

For all the “grown-up” advice dished out, some things they couldn’t…

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Weightlifting needs a PR makeover.

If you think weightlifting is reserved for stringer-wearing “not” steroid abusing bros flexing in thongs for a plastic trophy, you’re right — kind of. The fitness industry doesn’t do the best job at being inclusive. But make no mistake, weightlifting is for everyone.

And it…

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